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Top Enduro Bulgaria difficulty 1

Routes with levels of difficulty suited for amateurs and beginners. Prevailing forest roads, from 50 to 180 km long, 100% in the mountain. Passing through ancient Roman roads, bridges, fortresses and nature reserves with wonderful landscapes. Along  the routes there are numerous inns and recreation areas.

Top Enduro Bulgaria difficulty 2
High-speed routes up to 250 km daily, where speed passes 100 km/h. Macadam roads near low-lying river beds. Rally riding for high-speed enduro lovers. These roads connect different mountains. End point of most of the routes are the satin waves of Aegean and Black Sea.
Top Enduro Bulgaria difficulty 3
Most of the routes that we offer are at EXPERT level. We’ve included more than 2500 km of tracks in four mountains, passing through different terrains- riversides, forests, peaks and rocks. Tracks from 50 to 150 km long are willing to satisfy every rider’s preference with its incredible variety. The ultimate goal of our guides  is the happy ending of each route. Medium difficulty tracks designed for the main body of endurists, superable by each rider. Here is when we move out of the dirt roads and enter the forest trails. It’s possible to have short extremes within 50 m, consistent with the group level. The pledge in the EXPERT riding is to safely overcome the route with maximum loading, in order to get satisfaction guaranteed by the pleasure of well-deserved rest and food.
Top Enduro Bulgaria difficulty 4
Tracks designed for our professional visitors, specially created for the best. Local routes with a length of 20 to 50 km. With really high difficulty level, on the edge between Enduro and Trail. The variety of tracks in Bulgaria can satisfy the finest desires of a real endurist. We do not recommend the RED level if you’re not an experienced enduro rider. If you dare, be prepared for a heavy loading. If you happen not to succeed, you can always count on our guides and service car assistance.
Top Enduro Bulgaria difficulty 5
Wackos only! For the ones who want to experience supreme Enduro in hard and insuperable areas. With inclines of 45% and more, riding on screes, mountain pinnacles, high climbing and jumping. Enduro country routes, motocross routes; possibility of entering in Motocross and Enduro events part of the official Bulgarian calendar. If you are over excited; have an insatiable thirst for experiences; want to compare your motorcycle capabilities; want to live on the edge; have racing spirit and want to climb the ladder and open the champagne - then you've come to the right place in our X ENDURO ZONE..



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